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Two Nations Beadwork

Smoked Salmon, and other Traditional Foods

Smoked Salmon and other Traditional foods
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Alder smoked Salmon, smoked in the traditional way, no additives or preservatives. Salmon in all varieties is widely known for its health bennifits to our hearts and other areas. All of Smoked products are made useing this same method. Our canned products are canned the same way grandma used to, with the same natural and wholesome ways. We never add things to them. Our Jerkeys are dried over slow heat to insure the uptmost of flavor. Our huckleberry Jam and other preserves are made from hand picked berrys and fruit.

Only the freshest and finest Salmon and fish, meats and berries and fruit are used in our products to insure you the best possible products.

When Ordering our product you get exactly what we say it is, no fancy lables or cover ups.

Questions or comments about any of our products
Sample packs, gift packs and more available soon.


our huckle berrys are picked fresh in the mountain ranges of Idaho,
they are cleaned by hand and then cooked slowly for making the jams. No artificial flavor or preservitives have been added, excellent on our favorite fry bread, or any thing you would like. Try some today
you cant buy this jam in a store

1/2 pint jar


Canned Salmon is packed fresh in its own natural juices. Our canned smoked salmon is slow alder smoked and packed in only its natural juices. Each one is hand prepared gaurenteeing the best finest product to reach you.

Plain salmon pint
Price $ 8.00

Plain Salmon Quart
Price $12.00

Smoked salmon pint
price $10.00

Coming soon
Smoked Sturgon
Smoked Trout
Buffalo Jerkey
Elk Jerkey
Deer Jerkey
Fry Bread Mix
other types of Jams Jellies and preserves
and more!!!!
1lb Of Buffalo Jerky
Slow dried with exquizite flavor,
lightly seasoned with salt and
pepper $50.00