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Welcome to our Native American artist gallery
Two Nations Native American Beadwork is proud to display the Talents of these artist.
The items shown here are not orderable or currently for sale, But similar items can be custom ordered. A quote of typical price is listed for information purposes. Prices of custom orders vary with different orders.
 If you find something you are interested in  please feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with the artist, or if you would like to custom order a similar item, please email us at
Thank you

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knife sheeth #001
Large enough to hold a good skining knife

Baby Board #003

this baby board is constructed from buckskin
unique to the baby boards of today witch are made mostly of cloth,
the head board is fully beaded and the over arch is constructed
from naturally bent cherry wood
estimated cost 750.00
cloth baby boards are less
Large Beaded bag
This bag is approx.10" wide and 14" long
it is beaded in size 11 beads using the lazy sitch
it is addorned with deer antler buttons and doeskin fringe
historically used for a saddle bag a very nice piece
estamated price$575.00