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Welcome to our Native American Medallion and Bolo tie Page
We Bead our Medallions and Bolo ties with size 11 and 13 cut beads, as well as the more common and traditional size 11 seed beads. They are handmade by Native American artist and each are unique never are to alike. They come in assorted sizes and designs We also occasionally have collector medallions and bolo ties
if you have any questions or comments please email us at


Arrow head Bolo
Hand napped obsidian arrow heads
adorn the top and bottom portions
of this bolo, the top arrow head is
a painting of a beautiful eagle head
with a 3d effect, the bottom is beaded
with size 13 cut beads, no picture can do this
justice, a true one of a kind.
price 195.00

SOLD but a simular one can
 be made by custom order
Eagle Medallion
Beaded in size 13 cut beads, notice the
detail of the eagle and his feathers,
out line of feathers is in 14 carot
gold beads, fringe has porkipine quils
and faceted glass beads,
The neck piece is also in nice bronze and copper beads
Price $95.00

Pewter arrow head bolo tie
A very nice collectable piece
made in the early 70's, notice the
bear claw on top of arrow head
attached on leather