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Two Nations Beadwork

Native American Beaded Jewelry Of the month club

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Introducing our New
Native American Jewelry of the month club
Our Jewelry of the month club features a differnt type of Authentic Native American made Jewelry each month, offered to our members for up to 25% less than the original price.
You can join the Native American Beaded Jewelry of the month club, by paying a one time payment of $25.00 which entitles you to all the benifits included with membership, like 10% off some our regularly priced items throughout the site.
When you join the club, you will receive a FREE pair of beaded earrings, then each month we will send you another piece of Native American beaded jewelry chosen exspecially for you, for you to examine for 10 days, if you decide to keep it simply pay the purchase price. If you choose not to keep it just send it back with no further obligation.
Below are some examples of the beaded Jewelry you will be offered when you join.


You can Join Our Native American Beaded Jewelry of the month club one of two ways,
Mail us your $25.00 membership fee with
 a check or money order to
Two Nations Beadwork
45614 us hwy 95
Lapwai Idaho 83540
or you can join using your credit card with
Paypal by clicking the button below

Thankyou! We look forward to having you as a member and a valued customer.
As with everything on our site your satisfaction is 100% guarenteed