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Sorry but we do not offer Minitonka type or hard sole Moccasins

We offer handmade Native American Moccasins, available plain or with any amount of beadwork you would like. Our moccasins are made old one seam style and can be worn inside or out. 
All of our Moccasins are completely hand made, no machines are ever used. We use the best quality of sinue and buckskin. 
They are available in 3 styles, regular ankle length, mid calf, and knee high, The moccasins are available in, commercially tanned deer, elk, or moose hides.  Brain tanned and colored hides are also available.
All moccasins purchased are backed by life long repair of soles and seams.
  Below are examples of moccasins that we have done in the past for customers, as well as pairs that are available to purchase now. 
Custom orders for moccasins are always welcome,  please expect a minimum of at least 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of plain moccasins and longer if beading is wanted , We make moccasins on a first come first serve basis so times for delivery are estimated as it may take longer if we have a large quantity of orders ahead.
 We thank you for understanding.
If you have any questions about ordering or prices, and about moccasins please feel free to email us at


Beaded Baby Moccasins
Made from deer skin, beaded with
size 13 cut beads, adorned with small
gold bells, measurements: 3 5/8 long
2 1/8 wide
Price$ 45.00

Fully Beaded high top moccasins
made from light weight elk hide, wrap around
high top, beaded in size 11 sead beads, useing
the over lay stich that secures beads tight to
buckskin, notice the beautiful rose design
Price $395.00


These baby moccasisns are
just to cute, excellent for that
special little one, will fit feet
up to 3  1/2 inches
Price 45.00


Light smoke Tanned Moccasins
These moccasins are completely hand made
and hand sewn with sinue, the are constructed
of commercially tanned elk hide,
their size is 81/2"long and 31/2"wide
they can be worn indoors and out,

This pair of moccasins is made from smoke tanned elk hide the beadwork is done in the medalian style, size 11 seed beads border the background of the four direction face beaded in size 13 cut beads, made to fit womans feet up to 9 inches long
Price $195.00


Top and side view of a pair of fully beaded young adult/teen moccasins, ankle length. these moccasins are beaded in size 11 seed beads on smoke tanned elk hide, useing the lazy stich, made for men with feet measuring up to 10 inches
Price 350.00 
Fully Beaded Toddler moccasins up to
5 1/2 " in length, Beaded with size 11
cut beads useing the lazy stitch
Price 95.00
Fully beaded high top
made out of moccasin weight moose
hide in a light smoke tan, beaded in size 11
seed beads, useing a combination of the overlay
and lazy stitches, this pair sold for 495.00
Toddler moccs
These moccs are completely hand made
they are hand sewn useing sinue,with
white deer skin, They measure
41/2" long and 2" wide
price: $39.98


Fully beaded childs moccasins, beaded in size 11 seed beads using the lazy sitch, these moccasins are made from smoketanned dear hide. available for feet up to 6 and 1/2 inches long,
Price 125.00 based on hide and beading shown
price differs with differnt hides or larger sizes


Another nice example of a fully beaded childs moccasins showing the top and side view of the pair, beaded with size 11 sead beads useing the lazy stitch, they also are beaded on smoked commercialy tanned deer hide. priced based on sizes of feet 61/2 to 8 inches long
price $165.00


Here is a picture of a fully beaded pair of adult
moccasins size 9 womans, done in size 11 beads,
Price $350.00