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Two Nations Beadwork

Fresh smoked Salmon and more

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All of our Smoked Chinook Salmon and Stealhead are caught fresh in the rivers of North Idaho, By an Elder of the Nez Perce tribe, useing traditional Native American methods, they are smoked fresh and slow over alder wood fires, we never add atrtificial flavors or any type of additives, Just smoke and fish, they are vacuum packed and sealed fresh, We also offer smoked jerkeys made from buffalo, Elk and Deer, We will have pictures of those soon, In addtion to our smoked fish and meats, we also offer Huckleberry products we will list soon these are sold seasonal, such as Jams and canned berries,

If you have any questions on any of the products listed here please feel free to email us at
Sample pack of our
smoked salmon or stealhead
4oz weight each
Smoked chinook Salmon Sample
7.00 each

Smoked Stealhead Sample
$5.00 each


1+ pound
each pack is generously over
a pound "yum"

Smoked Chinook Salmon
$18.00 each

Smoked Stealhead
15.00 each


2 + pounds 
over 2 pounds of fresh smoked
fish "Yum

Smoked Chinook Salmon

Smoked Stealhead