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Two Nations Beadwork

Native American Beaded Coin Purses, beaded Wallets and checkbook covers

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All beaded wallets, coin purses, and beaded check book covers are completely handmade and beaded in size 11 seed beads or size 11 and 13 cut beads, All are beaded by Native American and Native American decent artist, each of them is unique to the artist that created them, never are any two alike.
Custom orders are always welcome
Fully Beaded Coin Purse
Beaded with size 11 cut beads
using the lazy stitch, traditional
blues and firecolors wrapping
around eagle feathers, coin purse
measures 6" x 5"


Check book cover and wallet
This is a beautiful example of the type of
checkbook cover/wallet we offer. Front and back veiw
beaded completely in size 13 cut beads. although this perticular
one is no longer available others can be made to your
Price $ 399.00
Large Beaded coin purse
Another beautiful example of the types of coin purses
we offer, This coin purse was a custom order, and is not
available for sale but others can be made to your
specifications. It is made out of smoke tanned moose hide
with a zipper top, it is beaded in size 13 cut beads.
notice the detail of the rose
Price $ 325.00