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The Beaded Belt Buckles shown here come in many differnt sizes and shapes, they are beaded in size 11 seed beads, 13 cut beads and delica beads.  The types of beads used are listed below pictures, each are backed with buckskin and are covered by our 100% guarentee of satisfaction
Custom orders for belt buckles with your choice of colors and design, as well as size are always available, Simular buckles to the ones shown below can also be made for you if you like one that has been sold.
Large End of the trail Belt Buckle
this is a large belt buckle mesuring 71/2" by
51/2" beaded in size 13cut beads,
backed with smoke tanned elk hide, this
buckle is a brilliant work of art, a steal at
the asking price
Price $175.00


This buckle is beaded in size 13 cut seed beads, it is
3 1/4" wide and 4 1/4" long, it is back with smoke tanned
elk hide a very nice piece.
Price$ 89.00


This buckle is beaded with delica beads another very small bead
notice the detail in the white buffalo
a very nice piece
Price$110.00/ Sale price $89.00

This is an oval buckle slightly smaller than the rectangle buckle
it is beaded with size 13 cut beads in blues and fire colors
it is backed with smoke tanned elk hide
Price$ 85.00